Apr 25, 2010

Macaron 34 Black Forrest Macaron

Week 34 April 26
Macaron 34. I am not big on cherries with chocolate, but I made these as a gift. So made them and the were acutally not that bad. Pretty too!

Apr 19, 2010

Macaron 33 Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Week 33 April 19
Macaron 33. Ice cream macaron sandwich. So I got an ice cream maker and I am ice cream crazy. I want to make a flavor a day. I figured why not make a macron ice cream sandwich. So here it is. Vanilla with meyer lemon ice cream. So good!

Apr 11, 2010

Macaron 32 Birthday Macaron

Week 32 April 12
Macaron 32 Birthday Macaron. I had a party last week and made a birthday macarons. What kind? Well, vanilla that was dyed a lovely purple, with a bright teal vanilla buttercream and then the edges were rolled in silver sprinkle. They we wonderful. Marie Antionette would have wanted them at her party!

Macaron 31 Matcha with Vanilla Buttercream

Week 31 April 5
Macaron 31 Matcha with Vanilla Buttercream. For quite some time I have wanted to bake with matcha powder. My chance finally came. I made two macaron flavors for my birthday. This green tea one was lovely, light green and filled with a beautiful teal vanilla buttercream. So nice.